Up to 40 students can transform into a percussion ensemble, with a performance piece as the finale.
(full synopsis/info below)
Cost: $600

desert 3 Esplanade's BiteSize series.

desert 3 Workshop for SMU Arts and Culture series.

desert campus Workshop for piano students.

desert 1 At Asian Civilisations Museum.

desert 2 Experiential segment of the Drums of the Desert exposure programme: Students join us onstage while everyone else claps along to the rhythms.

desert rp
Part of a full day of sessions at Hollandse School.



We begin with the traditional fingering techniques on the most common Middle Eastern drum, the darbuka, and quickly move on to the basic rhythms. Within just a few minutes, the students will be “jamming” along with the instructor.

We begin building a composition that will be our final performance piece. As time allows, we add the following into the composition:

1. Additional rhythms and more complex changes
2. Additional instruments such as riq (tambourine) and zils (finger cymbals)
3. Solo layers and solos (traditional style, but simplified technique)


  1. Appreciate Middle Eastern culture
  2. Instill confidence in musical ability
  3. Learn traditional Middle Eastern rhythms
  4. Play music together as a group


  1. Play exciting drum rhythms
  2. Making music together as a group
  3. Making music with a professional musician

At the end of the programme students will learn to / understand:

  1. Make music together
  2. Traditional Middle Eastern rhythms and drum technique
  3. Rhythmic concepts such as time signature, tempo and polyrhythms
  4. Basic compositional skills

Cost: $600 per session