Up to 40 students can transform into a “Stomp” percussion ensemble, with a performance piece as the finale.
(full synopsis/info below)
Cost: $5 per student per hour (based on 40 students for 2 hours)

(Ths is the workshop. You may also view the assembly programme.)

east meets west Our performance cum workshop at
ACM's East Meets West festival.

desert 3 A special "Pots and Hands Maze" for Southwest CDC and Playeum.

desert campus Pots and Hands and Musical Tubes at ACJC.

desert 1 Participants at ACM East Meets West.

desert 2 Pots and Hands jam session at Jacob Ballas Children's Garden.



We not only engage the students in a fun and exciting musical experience, we also expand students’ conception of musical instruments by turning everyday objects into sources of music.

We begin by giving each student an object and asking them to think of creative ways to make music: Not just striking the flat surface, but also rubbing, striking corners and edges, muffled/closed tones, etc.

Having explored the objects we proceed to collaborate on creating a composition, beginning with a basic groove and then adding in turn accents, bridging patterns, counter-rhythms and timbre layers. Students will be encouraged to create their own parts, but the instructor will develop student suggestions or simply assign parts as necessary.

Next we add an intro, breaks and a finale and rehearse our masterpiece. Within a one-hour session we will end with a fun and engaging composition that the students have helped create, all performed on non-traditional music instruments. As time allows, we add more songs; a samba style song, and songs using musical tubes.

A longer series affords the opportunity to delve even further into student creativity. Firstly, we will teach students the basic elements of creating a solo and then ask each of them to compose and showcase an 8 beat solo.

Secondly, we divide them into smaller groups and ask them to create their own compositions using the tools and knowledge gained thus far. Each group performs their composition.

Our finale is a whole performance set including instructor guided compositions and also compositions of the students' own creation.


  1. Expand conception of musical instrument beyond normal constructs
  2. Stimulate creative thinking
  3. Teamwork and collaborative effort with peers
  4. Gain confidence in music-making ability
  5. Appreciate the joy and accessibility of rhythm


  1. Making music from everday items
  2. Making music together as a group
  3. Making music with a professional musician

At the end of the programme students will learn to / understand:

  1. Musical instruments are everywhere
  2. Anyone can make music
  3. Rhythmic concepts such as time signature, tempo and polyrhythms
  4. Basic compositional skills


COST PER STUDENT: $5 per Hour based on 40 students for 2-hour session

TOTAL COST OF PROGRAMME: $400 for up to two hours, inclusive of all materials, instruments and transport; $50 for each subsequent half hour