Pots, pans, trash cans and even bodies become musical instruments.
(full synopsis/info below)
Cost: $1,300

(This is the assembly programme. You may also view the hands-on workshop.

Opening Item: "Hawker Centre" Music

The whole school helps us make music
with no instruments at all.

Melody and rhythm from "musical tubes."

east meets west Our performance cum workshop at
ACM's East Meets West festival.

playeum A special "Pots and Hands Maze"
for Southwest CDC and Playeum.

pots Boxes, pan lid, water bottle and trash can.



A cook, a customer, a cleaner and a delivery man enter "hawker centre" and proceed to play a rousing percussion composition on the everyday objects in front of them. Through this and other performances we show how simple objects can become musical instruments and how music can be created in any situation.

We also prove that we can make music without any instruments at all: The whole assembly hall joins in as we make music using only sounds from clapping hands as well as “beat boxing”, stamping feet, etc. 

We next showcase traditional ethnic musical instruments that evolved directly from common objects, including boxes, tree branches and jars.

We end by playing simple melodies using nothing but round plastic tubes (tuned to the C major scale) and then combining the tubes with the box drum for one last exciting rhythmic extravaganza.


  1. Stimulate imagination, creative thinking and appreciation of the universal language of music. 
  2. Learn basic concepts of rhythm
  3. Appreciate ease of making music
  4. Make music as a group along with the artists
  1. Watch as simple ordinary objects become percussion instruments for rousing rhythms
  2. Make music together with the artists
  3. Understanding of the basic concepts of rhythm

At the end of the programme students will learn to / understand:

  1. Appreciation of the unseen potential all around them
  2. Understanding of rhythm and basic rhythmic attributes
  3. Experience of producing rhythms in conjunction with musicians

Cost: $1,300 for four performers and all equipement.