Grooving on the rhythms and dispelling the myths about Middle Eastern dance.
(full synopsis/info below)
Cost: $1,300

Opening item: Drum solo

Turning the whole school into a Middle Eastern
percussion and dance ensemble.

Two dancers "trade" movements to various rhythms.

mttg1 All-school drum and dance performance.

ite Move to the Groove at ITE.

mttgveil Veil dance during talk on origins of
Middle Eastern dance.



We start with a rousing Middle Eastern percussion composition followed by another composition, this time with choreography, that demonstrates the meticulous connection between the sounds of the drums and the movements of the dancer in Middle Eastern culture.

Next we provide a brief history on the origins of Middle Eastern dancing and, most importantly, dispel the “Hollywood” myths and misconceptions that have evolved.

We then bring the students directly into the music making process by teaching them Middle Eastern rhythms which they play along with the percussionists as the dancers demonstrate a different classic dance movement for each rhythm. (In primary school, we also invite students to come on stage and follow along with the dancers.) The whole assembly hall then “performs” a simple music and dance composition comprising these rhythms and movements.

In the same spirit, the drummers next play a much more complex composition while the dancers again demonstrate different movements that fit the various rhythms.

Finally, if time allows, we demonstrate the music of and dances to the oud (Arabic lute) and the percussive dance accessory known as zils (finger cymbals).

We finish with one more rousing dance and percussion finale.


  1. Appreciate Middle Eastern music
  2. Understand the true history of Middle Eastern dance
  3. Learn the traditional rhythms and movements
  4. Make music as a group along with the performers


  1. Exciting live performances of Middle Eastern percussion
  2. Dance performances in traditional and drum solo styles
  3. Highly interactive involvement of students in rhythms, movements and compositions

At the end of the programme students will learn to / understand:

  1. Understanding of rhythm and basic rhythmic attributes
  2. Appreciation of Middle Eastern dance
  3. Dispel myths of origins and history of Middle Eastern dance

Cost: $1,300 for four performers and all instruments.